Permit Issuance Notices Pursuant to Rule 1302(D)(3)(a)(i) and (ii)

The permit issuance actions listed below are being posted on this website for public notice and comment, pursuant to District Rule 1302 - Procedure. These notices will be posted for thirty (30) days after issuance. The permit application and all supporting information (including preliminary decision documents if any) will be provided upon request. Any person may request additional information regarding any permit issuance action, information on possible Hearing Board appeals or information on rejected comments, or information regarding how to request a public hearing on an action (if applicable). To make such a request contact the District by email at or in writing to MDAQMD, Attention: Executive Director, 14306 Park Avenue, Victorville CA 92392. Please note that public notices as required by Rule 1302(C)(7)(a) and (b) (such as Federal Operating Permit, Emission Reduction Credit consumption, significant health risk, major Modification, major Prevention of Significant Deterioration or Federally Significant issuances) are noticed separately on the District website and in newspapers of general circulation; please contact the District if you are looking for information on specific permitting actions or need assistance regarding the commenting process (there is a contact email link and a website link at the bottom of this page).

Facility ID Facility Description Facility Location Permit Number Permit Title Proposed Permitting Action Date Issued
3495 USA Services Inc. 12191 Violet Road, Adelanto, CA 92301 C013710 DUST COLLECTOR, STORAGE AND TRANSFER OF FCC CATALYST Issue an Authority to Construct (ATC) permit for a new Air Pollution Control Device associated with material transfer and storage of crystalline aluminosilicate with binders (i.e. FCC Catalyst), a clay-like material. This facility is a minor and area source. BACT is not required. 01/27/2020
2154 US Air Force Plant 42 - Boeing 1500 E Avenue M, Palmdale, CA 93550 E013639 DIESEL IC ENGINE, EMERGENCY GENERATOR (BLDG 197) Obtain an Authority to Construct permit for a new, stationary, diesel-fired, ICE powering an emergency generator at a minor source facility. This diesel-fired, ICE is replacing an existing diesel-fired ICE (permit E007503). This is a new Permit Unit with a PTE less than 25 pounds per day of a Non-attainment Air Pollutant, this Facility has a PTE less than 25 tons per year of any Non-attainment Air Pollutant; therefore, BACT is not a required pursuant to AV 1303 section (A)(1). However, this Tier 3, Certified, diesel engine meets the current BACT requirement for an emergency generator. Diesel particulate is considered a Toxic Air Contaminant and Hazardous Air Pollutant; therefore, NSR for Toxic Air Contaminants applies (AV 1401). State T-NSR: Emission Unit Prioritization was ran on this emission unit, pursuant to AV 1401 in which the emission unit scored < 1 at 500 meters to the closest (off-site worker) receptor, and classified as an "Low Priority". Given that the prioritization is < 1, it is assumed that the cancer risk is also less than one in a million; therefore Public Notice is not required. The facility Prioritization from the 2018 CEIR was 1.96, placing the Facility at an Intermediate Risk. Federal T-NSR: HAP thresholds are not triggered. Two MACTs apply to this Permit Unit (40 CFR 63, Subpart ZZZZ and 40 CFR 60, Subpart IIII). All the applicable provisions of these federal regulations have been applied to this Permit Unit as operating conditions; therefore, Federal T-NSR is fulfilled. 01/22/2020
3990 SBCo - Oro Grande Canyon 16997 Oro Grande Canyon Road, Oro Grande, CA 92368 E013704 PROPANE/LPG IC ENGINE, EMERGENCY GENERATOR Issue a permit for a new stationary emergency internal combustion engine fired on propane. The engine powers a generator. 01/21/2020