Permit Issuance Notices Pursuant to Rule 1302(D)(3)(a)(i) and (ii)

The permit issuance actions listed below are being posted on this website for public notice and comment, pursuant to District Rule 1302 - Procedure. These notices will be posted for thirty (30) days after issuance. The permit application and all supporting information (including preliminary decision documents if any) will be provided upon request. Any person may request additional information regarding any permit issuance action, information on possible Hearing Board appeals or information on rejected comments, or information regarding how to request a public hearing on an action (if applicable). To make such a request contact the District by email at or in writing to MDAQMD, Attention: Executive Director, 14306 Park Avenue, Victorville CA 92392. Please note that public notices as required by Rule 1302(C)(7)(a) and (b) (such as Federal Operating Permit, Emission Reduction Credit consumption, significant health risk, major Modification, major Prevention of Significant Deterioration or Federally Significant issuances) are noticed separately on the District website and in newspapers of general circulation; please contact the District if you are looking for information on specific permitting actions or need assistance regarding the commenting process (there is a contact email link and a website link at the bottom of this page).

Facility ID Facility Description Facility Location Permit Number Permit Title Proposed Permitting Action Date Issued
No evaluations in the last 30 days.